The Point at Lake Norman

Sconset Village - 106 Yale Loop - Mooresville, NC

For Sale by Owner - $950,000


Contact - Steve D'Gerolamo at 201-262-0412 or

Available as Staged - Immediate Occupancy


Comps - 4/7/18

Here are 3 properties currently for sale in Sconset Village. Homes are both similar Simonini models built around 2005.


123 Hopkinton Drive - $659,000 (sale pending, 4/9/18)

Building Lot on Tuscany Trail (.83 acres) - sold for $135,000 on 4/24/18


106 Yale Loop (Builders model w/upgrades) -$950,000

Adjacent Lot (102 Yale Loop) - Included with 106 Yale Loop


Builders Literature - 2007

Hawthorne Model A vs Model C


106 Yale Loop is the only Hawthone Model C in Sconset Village. With all of the upgrades, it had a $220,000 premium over the spec Hawthorne Model A's at that time.


Pricing Comparisons

If you don't want the upgrades or the additional building lot, then the property at 123 Hopkinton at $659,000 is a good choice. Using this home as a base price.......

123 Hopkinton Drive - $659,000 (originally listed at $679,000)

+ Upgrade to Hawthorne C with Additional amentities & Architectural details - $220,000 (see Simonini literature above)

+ Additional .70 acres (102 Yale Loop) - $100,000

+ Owner's Upgrades - $53,500 (see FAQ's)

106 Yale Loop (calculated value) - $1,032,500

Asking Price - $950,000


Photo Comparisons

Photos are from 2 current online listings



I don't have comparative photos of the other home's crawlspace but I doubt it looks like this. This space was sealed & conditioned after our purchase. It reduces the heating & cooling load, helps control temperature & humidity in the home and prevents mold in the crawlspace. The space is well lit and an ideal space for storing luggage, holiday decorations, and other household items not in use.